All Smiles Dentistry offers tooth extraction services that can serve any number of patients, for any number of reasons. Tooth extractions are a fairly common practice, and our dentists will do everything possible to make you as comfortable as possible during this procedure.

Children sometimes are in need of tooth extractions, particularly for baby teeth. If an adult tooth is growing alongside or over a baby tooth, professional experience with pulling the tooth might be needed. Damage to an existing tooth, such as breaking or decay, might require tooth extraction as well.

Not only can All Smiles Dentistry help take care of the tooth extraction, but we can also provide dental implants as well. Though the healing process takes several weeks, or potentially several months, the actual tooth extraction procedure and subsequent dental implant work will likely only bring minor discomfort, which should subside within a day or two. All Smiles Dentistry is your one-stop dental clinic where we will be with you for every step of your dental health. From cosmetic dentistry to check-ups, pediatric dentistry and more, we will provide the services you and your family need, in the caring and professional manner that you and your family deserve. Contact us today!