Our team at All Smiles Dentistry, is honored to provide some of the finest care around to over 50,000 children and their families in the Central Valley area. Our mission to create a comfortable space that administers excellent care to your family is of top importance to us. The opportunity to and responsibility of helping you maintain you and your family’s healthy and beautiful smiles means the world to us. Our team doesn’t take the responsibility lightly and only provides the safest, most highly regarded services in the dental field. We are always expanding our knowledge by going to workshops and keeping up with the latest dental technology.

Pediatric services- We proudly serve all members of your family.

Invisalign®- All Smiles Dentistry is happy to be an Invisalign® provider.

Implants- Missing teeth? We can help with that by placing dental implants where necessary.

Crowns- We provide crowns that strengthen and restore the shape of your teeth. We provide white crowns in front at no extra cost to you.

Root Canals- Though root canals aren’t known for being fun, we’ll do our best to make yours as quick and comfortable as possible.

Dentures- Let our team restore your smile with dentures.

Zoom Philips Whitening- We are proud to offer the most popular and most often requested whitening service on the market, Zoom Philips whitening.

Extractions- If you have a tooth that needs pulling, be it wisdom, incisor, canine, or molar, we’ve got you covered.

We accept all insurances. Including Denti-Cal. If you have no insurance, we will work to accommodate your financial needs. Contact us today to set up an appointment.