Kids are active, they’re on the move, and in the spirit of growth and adventure, accidents can happen. A broken or missing tooth is far from uncommon, and luckily, All Smiles Dentistry has the services and top-notch experience to get anyone in your family who needs dental implants set up for success. Whether from a game of baseball that went slightly awry or tooth decay that progressed faster than anticipated, our expert dentists can help get your smile back on track.

When an adult tooth is missing or removed, this can have implications for the surrounding teeth and jaw itself. Missing teeth can result in shifting around as a form of overcompensation, which can cause problems for teeth alignment, bite, and more. Since implants go directly into the jawbone, they act as a real tooth, protecting other teeth in the process. The two-step procedure first involves setting a tooth root implant or bridge into the gum and jawbone, then allowing for the area to heal for several weeks. Once adjusted, the implant will be fastened and secured to the post. Our dentists are skilled at making impressions of your bite and individual teeth to create the perfect implant that will work wonderfully for years to come.

Once your dental implant is in place, there might be minor discomfort, but this usually dissipates fairly quickly. The implant can be treated like every other tooth, and should be flossed and brushed regularly. However, one significant advantage to dental implants is that they are unable to have cavities form.

No matter what caused the missing tooth, at All Smiles Dentistry, we will do everything we can to remedy the situation. Our dentists are highly skilled at dental implants and other forms of cosmetic dentistry, and work tirelessly to make this process as painless as possible. We are committed to making a visit to the dentist all smiles, all around.